It is imperative that we deal with 
The above video shows what the county commissioners instructed the County Administrator to do regarding making an offer to the City of Seminole.  Below is the offer that was transmitted two weeks later:

From: Woodard, Mark S []
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 11:46 AM
To: Toney-Deal, Ann <>
Cc: Klug, Della <>
Subject: Water Tower


During the Council’s planned discussion of this item, please reiterate that a lease agreement would obligate the City to immediately fund and complete deferred maintenance upon taking possession of the property. Additionally, the ongoing annual maintenance, insurance coverage and associated liability for the entire property would be the responsibility of the City.

The County estimates the deferred maintenance to be approximately $125,000. However, it is important to note that this estimate is two years old. Costs have likely escalated significantly due to the continued deterioration of the structure and inflation. Major maintenance is required every 7 to 10 years and is overdue as the County plans to begin demolition of the structure in July 2017. The County is concerned about the structural integrity and safety of the water tower and repairs are needed immediately. Additionally, the estimate to repaint the exterior of the tower and replace the mural is approximately $65,000. Further, we estimate ongoing annual maintenance to be approximately $13,500 per year, which includes only electricity and grounds maintenance.

Considering the above, a lease would require at least $138,500 of City funds in the first year of the lease, not including any recurring annual land lease. As noted above, the cost could be significantly higher based upon the condition of the tower and should the city opt to repaint the tower and mural. Of course, there could be additional costs associated with upkeep should the City decide to re-purpose the structure for something other than a water tower.

I hope you find this helpful.



Mark S. Woodard
County Administrator

Pinellas County
(727) 464-3093
315 Court St, Clearwater, FL

It is important that we deal with real and identifiable facts, so we will work hard to post accurate and up to date information on all aspects of this project.  We are currently gathering documentation from the City and the County and when available, it will be posted in these pages.  To start off with, check out this information:

Water Tower Facts - This page provides information supplied by the County and the City on the facts about the Water Tower, as well as the projected maintenance costs. 

Water Tower History - This page provides basic information about the Water Tower and when it was painted.

Tower Preservation Projects - Many water towers around the US and around the world have been re-purposed rather than torn down.  This page provides links to a large number of projects - both commercial and residential - that have been created from old water towers instead of demolishing them.

Press - This page provides links to news paper stories, published editorials, etc.... If you are aware of any additional stories that have been published, please provide us with URL links and we will add them to this website. 

The Seminole Water Tower was 
originally called "The Oakhurst Tank" 
and was built in 1958, 12 years before Seminole became a city.  

The iconic blue "Bird Cage" holds 3,000,000 gallons of water, stands 110 foot tall 
and the tank is noted as a landmark on marine 
navigation charts and that can be seen 
10 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.*

The Tower Facts....**

    • 1.25 acre (MOL) site located at the NW corner of 74th Ave and 113th Street North.
    • 3.0 million gallon, 70' diameter, 110' height steel water tower built in 1958.
    • Pump station building, initially built in 1958, +2500 SF of concrete block construction and reinforced concrete roof.
    • The building interior includes office space and a restroom.
    • Building update of exterior facade, metal roof over and parking upgrades occurred in 2009.
    • Surrounding property is landscaped with park & educational features.
    • Water tower has been out of service since June 2013 due to improved technology at other county water facilities and is no longer needed to provide required water service needs for Seminole and areas south.
    • Site and building maintenance performed by Pinellas County Utilities (PUC) at an annual cost of approximately $10,000 per year.
    • Electric cost for site since the pumping station has been offline averages $3,500 per year.
    • Estimated cost to re-finish existing artwork by original artist, Tom Stovall is estimate to be $15,000 plus preparation and base paint estimated at $50,000 for a total of $65,000.
    • Estimated decommissioning cost of both water tower and pump station is $250,000.
    • Expected ongoing maintenance of tank interior and exterior estimated at $125,000 every 7 to 10 years.
    • Microwave antenna used to relay SCADA signal will need to stay in service until alternative communications (fiber option) is installed.
    • Decommissioning of facility is schedule by PCU for fiscal 2017.

* Information from Information Plaque at the Seminole Water Tower.  
** Information provided in writing by Seminole Mayor, Leslie Waters, February 24th, 2017

Tank Inspection Report Information